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 #2212  by odin
 18 Nov 2016 17:46
Haha i hope they don't hide too much! I was thinking of having the caves piled up with the lava rocks i have from my other tank in one corner (say the left back corner or left wall) and have the ocean rock on the right hand side but this time have it piled up and elevated so they can hide under it? maybe have a smaller part under the larger part so its at a 45degree angle? I'm not to sure.
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 #2214  by odin
 18 Nov 2016 18:01
Yup! The lavarock will hopefully look something like that, the ocean rock will be a bit harder to place as they are 3 large pieces... maybe i can make like a rock-scape with them? This will be the last tank i will have in its place as i don't want to go any bigger and i feel the shrimps needed this extra space and i want to see if they decide to breed any faster or more consistently. I am still learning as im going with these shrimp and i think i can iron out some things im not happy with in this tank.
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