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 #7344  by Vorteil
 10 May 2019 22:58
So over the weekend I decied to put up a rack and start getting a bit more organzied. Some of the tanks were on the ground. I wanted to finally set up my 40 gallon & 20L. Ends up right now the rack is not big enough to accomodate the 40. I will set up the 20 gallon in the next few weeks.

I know the opae do not require any leaves at all. This is my personal choice to generate more biofilm & bacteria for the opae to feed off of. In the wild leaves fall into their pools.

Top Rack: supplies
3rd Shelf: 6 gallon (2) 5 gallons. I plan to swith the 5's to run diagonal so I can add a 10 gallon.
2nd Shelf. (2) 10 gallon freshwater Orange & Blue Dream Neocaridina shrimp tanks
1st Shelf: 10 gallon Alpha Opae Ula & 10 gallon Opae Ula tank. There is a bare 20G long in the back.

This is what a tank looks like when you don't clean the glass. I will eventually clean the front one.
Originally these Opae Ula were outside in a 10 gallon. Too many issues keeping it outside in regards to the heat & cold. Rehomed the opae into a 5 for now.
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 #7414  by odin
 18 May 2019 22:19
Ive spent ages looking at racks with weights and dimensions, i feel like some sort of a rack expert now :blush: .. Brilliant setup bro... please give us some more photos when you get chance.
 #7983  by Vorteil
 15 Jul 2019 19:12
Just been rearranging the tanks. I moved the (2) 5 gallons so I could see into both tanks. Before one was right in back of the other. Now they're side by side.
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 #7986  by Vorteil
 15 Jul 2019 19:32
I spend most days scoop netting them myself. It's about half opae & half freshwater shrimp. The FW shrimp make up for the hard work that it takes to raise them since the opae ula require almost not care. It's crazy right? the FW shrimp require care, need to feed, change water, & only live 1.5 to 2 years. I will convert a 20g long that has a catfish in it to an opae ula tank. I haven't figured out what to do with the catfish yet. No hurry at this time.
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 #7987  by opae ula related
 16 Jul 2019 06:18
Vorteil wrote:Just been rearranging the tanks. I moved the (2) 5 gallons so I could see into both tanks. Before one was right in back of the other. Now they're side by side.
Nice! All in one place. I see a black screen to hold the rocks?
 #7991  by Vorteil
 16 Jul 2019 16:49
@opae ula related Yeah it's a plastic basket that's holding the rocks, wasn't necessary at all.

I will do the set up in my 20L different. I will set it up similar to the tanks that Dr. Santos has at Auburn University. I'll make a mesh cylinder shaped cage to hold the lava rocks. I won't have a bare bottom tank but will have crushed coral on the bottom. I originally tried to do this in a 5g but the tank was too small.