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 #8224  by Owlbit
 10 Aug 2019 22:46
I wish nothing was wrong. Just found 3 dead shrimp. Water test indicates there is still 0.25 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and < 5 nitrate. Something has to be wrong because the snail is staying above the edge, which is unusual for him (actually her, she started egging the tank).
 #8225  by odin
 10 Aug 2019 22:49
It’s not an oxygen issue, there should be no ammonia in the tank so you will need to do a water change and figure out what has changed in your tank.

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 #8226  by Owlbit
 10 Aug 2019 22:57
The ammonia issue has to be still from the dead snail incident that happened. I got a 25% water change done and the snail is now moving around the tank again. Shrimps are pale and swimming everywhere for now.

It was just the strangest thing to see them so desperately clinging to the oxydator or the snail (that was on the glass at the water surface) who was in the same corner the oxydator. Nobody wanted to stay on the other 66% side of the tank.

I guess I still panic about oxygen because of old ways of keeping aquariums. I will try to chant "it isn't the oxygen".
 #8227  by odin
 10 Aug 2019 22:58
Buy some prodibio biodigest for situations like this, it sorts your water out really well.

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 #8229  by odin
 10 Aug 2019 23:04
I’ve never used that so I can’t comment on it, keep us all updated how this pans out.

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 #8233  by Owlbit
 11 Aug 2019 23:57
I still don't know why 0.25 ammonia caused a problem or something else cause the shrimp to die. It is a mystery for now. Everyone is back to normal. Returned to their red color. It was so scary and I am sad I still lost 3. At least everyone else seems okay.
 #8238  by Vorteil
 12 Aug 2019 17:53
Everyones's tank is different to some degree. Over the years I've had nerites die from time to time. By the time I've figured it died it's already decomposed and gone I think. I've never reoved them and have just left them in there. I know my MTS die from time to time. You never know why the opae die but 3 out of what you have is a high percentage. Do a water change say 25%.
 #8251  by Owlbit
 13 Aug 2019 00:42
Yes, I did the water change, was more than 25% though. Everyone is doing well and I am still watching their activity closely to make sure they are not distressed. There does seem to be an algae bloom on the glass suddenly.
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