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 #9291  by Jeroen
 05 Aug 2020 14:15
The Opae Ula jar was not what I had in mind. The glass is to thick to have a clear view on the shrimps and really hard to keep clear. Therefor I decided to update their home to a 2 liter aquarium.
I glued the lava rock with cotton, superglue and rock dust to create a nice, organic looking sculpture. I took one stone with algae grow from the jar and some loose algae.

I’m really happy with the result! I’ve filled it up with some matured water and added new fresh brackish water to top it off. I really hope their new home is quite fast ready.

In the meanwhile I’ve seen one baby opae ula in the tank! Quite curious how much there are now in total! Will keep you informed!
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 #9293  by odin
 05 Aug 2020 19:27
Oh wow that looks great! What brand of tank is that? I really like it.

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 #9295  by Vorteil
 06 Aug 2020 09:13
That looks like the Top Fin "Calm" cube. I used to sell it. It's been discontinued. Great product and the LED is bright.
 #9298  by Jeroen
 08 Aug 2020 20:31
Thank you both for the compliments. I have to say that I can’t wait to put the Opae Ula in there!

I’m cycling the tank now and included a rock and some algae from the matured tank. I can see that the algae is growing so I think they can enjoy their new home soon! Also measuring good water values and replace the water after a test by matured water. Guess they can move next week!

The tank I’ve used is a Superfish shrimp kit. Cost me only €22,- and comes with shrimp food included. Think it’s exactly the same as you mentioned; the top fin, but under a different brand. Can imagine they stopped selling these, as this is basically only good for opae ula. Even if they advertise with cristal reds on the picture
 #9310  by odin
 16 Aug 2020 15:50
That’s for the info, I may try and pick one up myself. Does it come with the light included?
 #9333  by Jeroen
 24 Aug 2020 09:32
No, problem! it's a really nice set. Definitely for the money. It comes with:

- Tank which is full glass and can contain in my case 2 liter
- Acrylic lid
- Led light
- Bag of shrimp food pallets
- Ceramic hiding places (the tower type)

I've ordered mine here: https://www.beest.nl/p/nano-shrimp-kit- ... fish-1951/. In case you need help with the ordering you can always ask me to help you!

I've recently included my shrimp in the tank. They seem to be happier than before. Most of them are really dark red colored now! Will update some photos this afternoon. I've even found two little baby shrimp!!

In total I've now included 11 adults and 2 baby shrimps. Based on your experience with these fantastic creatures. Can I expect some more berried females in this tank with this amount of shrimps? How much shrimp do you think this tank can hold before I need to provide them a bigger home?
 #9334  by odin
 24 Aug 2020 10:11
Thanks for the link, when the breeding slows down you can start looking at water quality, temperature, food or tank space. Good luck!

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 #9335  by Jeroen
 24 Aug 2020 16:38
Well the actual problem is more that i’ve seen now in the previous tank 3 berried females.
From those 3 females I only kept 2 little shrimp.
Now they are of course in a new environment, so I have to wait a while again, but is it likely that they breed in 2l with this amount of shrimp or will it be full already?
 #9336  by Jeroen
 24 Aug 2020 18:17
Here some pictures of the setup and my shrimp
728AF8A0-4A99-4238-BEFC-8070006F1663.jpeg (579.08 KiB) Viewed 2643 times
B551184D-4F0D-4F42-9DFD-46BDF7F5F039.jpeg (680.08 KiB) Viewed 2643 times
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 #9337  by odin
 24 Aug 2020 18:18
If they have bred once they will breed again, they just need to be undisturbed for a while.

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