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 #9592  by odin
 18 Nov 2020 15:03
Congratulations! Maybe water temperature has something to do with the release period being longer? What temperature is your tank water?

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 #9594  by Jeroen
 19 Nov 2020 10:03
Thanks a lot! They are doing great and you can see them grow by day.

That could be a logical explantion. They are just at room temperature here without heater. Normally the temperature should not drop below 17 degree at night and around 20/21 degree during the day.
Also the other eggs of other females start to develop now. Untill now they were quite dark, almost black and by now they start to turn orange/red. This is exactly the same as seen before, and these females were berried a couple of weeks later.

still weird, but if they are doing fine, i'm happy!
 #9595  by odin
 19 Nov 2020 10:12
I run my tanks with a heater and have my water at 22C constantly unless our British Summers make them rocket up, you may get more breeding if you up their tank water temperature :)

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 #9603  by Jeroen
 20 Nov 2020 07:22
Thanks for the tip! The only problem I have at the moment is that I run just a very small tank of only 2 Liters of water. I'm a little bit affraid that if I introduce a heater, that at some day I'll boil them. Besides that in 2 liter a heater takes quite some space.

My idea was to breed them slowely in this tank so I can grow a colony to introduce them later in a bigger shallow tank in which I can installl a heater. I do like the shallower tanks
 #9637  by Jeroen
 06 Dec 2020 14:28
I really think it’s just that i have slow breeding Opae’s....the second female released another batch of around 15 larvea and also around 9 weeks....
I ordered another identical tank for my sister, And her house is always warmer. Time will tell if they will breed faster/have a shorter period of being berried.

Larvea are doing fine so far and I counted around 30 larvea now. Still two berried Females remaining. I had an accident caused a couple of dead larvea. Seems they burried themselfs deep in the gravel....did anyone experienced the same?
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 #9638  by Jeroen
 07 Dec 2020 16:47
I need quick advise, as more and more shrimp burry themself and die!!! Shoud I move them in a new empty container with Some algae and water from that small aquarium?!

I have a same aquarium in stock, so I can put half of the water in there and move them to that new tank without substrate, and then party do a water change on both tanks??

Or do you think I do more harm with moving them?
 #9641  by Vorteil
 07 Dec 2020 23:45
I've had the same thing happen. All my babies from one batch ended up all sinking and dying. No idea why. I just left them in the tank.
 #9648  by odin
 09 Dec 2020 17:30
When you say berried and die, are the mother shrimps dying or the larvae she has released?
 #9650  by Jeroen
 10 Dec 2020 11:43

sorry that was probably the autocorrect. I mean that the larvae shrimp bury themself in the gravel; got stuck and die. The adult shrimp are still fine!