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 #9320  by odin
 18 Aug 2020 03:23
Yup that sounds fine to me.

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 #9321  by Kivyee
 18 Aug 2020 16:24
Hey guys,
Singapore alum over here :wink:. I don't think Opae Ula need anything to boost fertility - they just need a suitable and stable environment - funny thing with them is that if you stop messing with them and just leave them alone...they will breed. My tank is about a 20L tank, and it took about 4 to 5 months before they started breeding. Just top off water (at least once a week) and feed sparingly (I feed a little once every two weeks or so).

And seriously $20 for distilled water??? - What a scammer.
pentux wrote: Ya I dont like the way he try to sell products. Like his water is made of “gold”. I went there to get some “vitamins” and “special powder” to boost fertility. Mayb you were there too as I saw someone buying a small setup from him.

I have been using distilled water for the longest time and my shrimps are still alive, except slow down breeding

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 #9325  by odin
 18 Aug 2020 22:20
Can’t you guys In Singapore buy an RO filter and make your own so it’s cheaper for you? :wink:
 #9326  by Kivyee
 19 Aug 2020 03:33
For the small amount of top off water that's required - you can just buy distilled water from grocery stores etc - it's just that one opae ula seller selling his "special water" for $20-30.
 #9327  by amsyar_haziq
 19 Aug 2020 03:48
odin wrote:Can’t you guys In Singapore buy an RO filter and make your own so it’s cheaper for you? :wink:
Yup , majority of us do buy RO filter or we just buy 12 carton of 1.5 litre distilled water that cost $5 singapore dollars and do our own mix ...both are cheap but like what is said its that one seller

The picture below is the 250ml that is $10 from a 2nd hand seller , this is for top up.
There is another one for filling in a new tank that is salt ready mix water , i havent talk about the price yet.

But i dont blame that shop seller Image maybe , he is smart in his business strategy.

Just hope new aquarium hobbyist do research before getting told to buy this and that


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 #9332  by tzg
 22 Aug 2020 17:15
My shrimps dont even need any booster, vitamins nor formula water and they are booming, i use distilled water for top up, i feed spirulina powder daily and they snap it all up within an hr. As long as the water condition is right, dont mess with them and they will do what they need to do. :laugh:
 #9338  by odin
 24 Aug 2020 18:20
Completely agree, the more you don’t interfere the better lol.

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 #9339  by amsyar_haziq
 26 Aug 2020 15:01
put them in the tank 4-5 days ago ! They seem to like their hiding spots ,once in a while they swim here and there Image

Btw singaporeans do you anyone who sells alpha opae ula? I saw one Sg opae ula hawaiian red volcanic shrimp page , asked him if he is still selling but he said no more stockImageImageImage

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