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 #9498  by N8ddles
 30 Oct 2020 22:59
I have a 1.5 that I am setting up for a small pack of Opae my friends bringing to me. I have a 10 gallon coming in a few days so no worries there but as this is my first tank I was curious if you all could answer some questions for me?

Firstly I've been setting this baby up for a month, most everything is stable but my PH is super low. I've tried adding oyster shell and baking soda but I can't seem to raise it, any ideas?

Secondly, I'm aware that marimo balls don't work in these tanks, but I was looking at some other plants, such as the micro alagae, and was wondering if any of you have tried this plant:
https://www.ebay.com/itm/FERN-Feather-M ... 4902.l9144 . I would like to brighten up my tank

thirdly, I live in the US, CA. I've been trying to find a small quantity of MTS (Malaysian trumpet snails) to house with my shrimp. Problem is everywhere I look its a pack of 10, at smallest 6. Anyone know sellers who don't need to sell a cups worth, I don't mind paying regular price I just think they're cute but I don't need many.

I've had it out so the tanks growing plenty of algae, I have a supplement food ready but how much would you say these guys eat? I have a whole side of my tank covered in green algae, will that be okay?

Thankyou all in advance for your help.
 #9500  by Shrimpkeeper
 31 Oct 2020 21:11
Hey. Here are my answers to some of your questions. Maybe some others can chime in too:

1) Sorry. Don't know much about ph. I have never monitored ph. Maybe I should but I started with RO water and the shrimp seem fine. There is some aragonite sand in my tank though.
Maybe check this out for some more info: https://www.nativefish.org/how-to-raise-ph-in-aquarium/

2) Not familiar with that plant. Looks interesting. If you can contact the seller to check what salinity they keep it in. In my experience, opae ula do well between 1.010-1.015 sg.

3) I believe Vorteil sells MTS and is in California. You can send him a pm and check with him about smaller quantities. Not sure if he does local pickup if you are close by.

4) The green algae on the side of your tank indicates that there is probably enough food for your shrimps. For me, I supplement their diets 1-2 times a month with a little spirulina powder (a little bit on the tip of a toothpick) or a few fish flakes.

These answers are just based on my experience, and maybe others will add to or offer alternative views. Hope this helps a little and best of luck with your setup. Happy Shrimping.
 #9501  by Vorteil
 02 Nov 2020 05:07
Post some pics. It would help us to envision your tank.

1. Start with RO or distilled water. I would not use baking soda. Start all over.
2. I've been told that plant is an evasive species here in CA. I've tried it but it died. Most won't ship it to CA
3. I would switch and go with nerite snails instead. MTS will continue to breed and their numbers can get out of control. I wouls stay away from this snail. If you want just a few we can work something out.
4. I only feed spirulina powder. Once the tanks are up and established I stop feeding.