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 #9504  by Lance76
 04 Nov 2020 09:33
Well, have a bunch of cherry shrimp jars and thought I would give Opae a go, been looking into them for years.
I finished the set up last night.
10l tank,had to settle on plastic as I have spent the last 4 months looking for a glass one of the size I want without luck, but I think it looks ok, and I managed to set up without scratching,,i think.
Lava and coral sand.
Ebay leds (not overly bright) and heater built into the rockwork at the back.
Have started cycling, so just a matter of time now.

I had to estimate my initial SG when I set it up (8.8l of water) as I kinda forgot to get myself a refractometer(any one know of a good cheep and cheerful brand in the UK?) or will a Ebay special and a bottle of calibration fluid do?

Can anyone recommend a UK breeder as it seams the site shop is closed.

20201103_203742 (1).jpg
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 #9505  by odin
 04 Nov 2020 12:45
Welcome to the forum! I really like the tank too, when you are ready just send me a PM on here or eBay and I can sell shrimp via PayPal on an invoice.

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 #9507  by Johnny Max
 04 Nov 2020 13:19
Tank looks good.
Thanks for posting a picture.
 #9560  by Vorteil
 12 Nov 2020 08:17
If you can try to add as many tanks as possible & experiment with them. I've learned a lot by trying different things. You'll also come to realize what sites are hobbyist centric(Odin) vs money centric. I won't mention them since to each his own. Nothing wrong with that, What I don't like is not support after I've purchased something and it dies only to have me buy it again and...pretty much figure it out on my own what to do.
 #9564  by Johnny Max
 12 Nov 2020 14:08
Vorteil wrote: 12 Nov 2020 08:17 ....You'll also come to realize what sites are hobbyist centric(Odin) vs money centric...
I agree. I check this forum every day. It keeps me focused about my Opae Ula....
 #9587  by odin
 17 Nov 2020 18:05
Just noticed that you have your lid on, if you take it off while you cycle your tank it will speed it up and get algae growing faster :)

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 #9608  by odin
 20 Nov 2020 10:25
Oh dear lol.