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 #9642  by Vorteil
 08 Dec 2020 00:00
I just posted a video of my 5 gallon tank. This one has scuds aka Gammarus Shrimp, Opae Ula, & Amano shrimp. Since there's amano's in there I decided to add the sponge filter since there were around 30 at one time. Just used as a holding tank for the shrimp I'll sell. I don't like to take out the shrimp from tanks that are breeding so I set this one up.

https://www.reddit.com/r/shrimptank/com ... for_hours/
 #9645  by Johnny Max
 09 Dec 2020 02:52
Nice. I did not know Amano shrimp could live in that much salt. I had them in fresh water, but when the eggs hatched they did not make it. I read they need salt.
 #9649  by odin
 09 Dec 2020 17:34
Looks great 👍