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 #9725  by thecollector
 26 Jan 2021 16:00
It's been a while, since I lasted posted.

Been busy, testing out a new tank setup for the Opae.

Even setup a YouTube channel. Link in my Signature.

You can see a bit of the setup in the following video (recorded in 1080p):

6 months in and there were Babies, near the start of the Month (Jan 2021).

The main important changes:
  • Going with a round jar to allow for better Water circulation
  • The substrate having lots of holes, to allow for the Poo, to sink down below the surface... So the Opae are not walking on their waste.

As of today, I've got the other two tanks (tanks 1 and 2), with Opae to move over.

One new round tank is nearly done.

And the other, is just the parts (tank, substrate etc) to be put together, as it were.
 #9726  by Johnny Max
 26 Jan 2021 19:29
Watched the video. It looks good. Shrimp look happy