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 #7000  by opae ula related
 29 Mar 2019 16:47
Halocaridina wrote:Noticed one of the nerites was at the back upside down and hadn't moved in days. Picked it up and it didn't smell so assumed it was still alive. Put it back and after a week it had still not moved, so took it out again. Then I pushed the 'door' of the shell a little and tried to look behind it - there was no snail there. I am guessing the snail must have died at some point in the last few weeks and the shrimp, who mostly gather at the back, ate it all. Probably explains the level of the recent algal bloom too.

I have read online that a common aquarium lifespan for these zebra nerites is 4 years so was a little disappointed this one only lasted 2. Still not sure of the reason for death since the shrimp seem healthy and breeding, and the other snail seems to be doing fine.

Don't think I'll get a replacement since I was only intending to get 1 originally, but they had in a two for a price of one deal when I bought them.
Yup, the Opae Ula ate it all up. You could of gotten it when it was two years old :)
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