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 #7554  by Vorteil
 05 Jun 2019 21:41
Here's something I caught locally here in California & put in my tank of guppies. Anyone know what this is? I do but I'm curious it anyone else does and recognizes it.
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 #7562  by Vorteil
 06 Jun 2019 01:07
Yeah that's probably an easy guess since you can see the legs but this one is unique. This is actually an African Clawed frog tadpole. As a tadpole it filter feeds. Extremely fragile and if you need to catch it they recommend you do not use a net since & if you do you will probably hurt it during the process. Survival rate is 60%. This is an invasive species here in California. I had heard that there are places here that these frogs are living in. Bad for the enviroment as it will eat anything it can fit in it's mouth. I found a few in a puddle of water near a stream that was flooded by the rains we had here a couple of months ago. Tried to feed them various foods but almost all died. Threw 2 into a tub I had outside with plants and guppies. Just recently took everything out of the tubs and this one made it. Not only this tadpole but also one that already transformed into a frog. These are illegal here in California to buy/sell. I see these on eBay & out of state stores. Bad for the enviroment.
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