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 #6365  by odin
 30 Dec 2018 20:41
Does anyone here have a shrimp rack setup? I'm looking into shelving that can support quite a few hundred KG in weight and i'm interested in what others have used and got! Buying single use fish tank stands is expensive.
 #6389  by odin
 04 Jan 2019 17:32
I have a new project in the works, big upgrades for the shrimp setup i will be having and LOTS of large tanks.. watch this space :laugh:
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 #6399  by Vorteil
 04 Jan 2019 23:12
I too will have the same thing. But in addition to opae tanks I will also have tanks to house my freshwater snails, mosquito fish, gammarus shrimp, & daphnia.
 #6402  by odin
 05 Jan 2019 11:41
These will hold 2 140L tanks per shelf and each can hold 500kg! :cool:
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