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 #3262  by AdeDunn
 17 May 2017 21:11
Tests all came back good bud:-

Ammonia 0 ppm - as it should be.
Nitrite 0 - as it should be
Nitrate 20 Mg/L - Should be fine
GH 6 degrees - Pretty much spot on perfect
KH <1 - Again, spot on
TDS 150ppm - Spot on
pH 6 - Spot on
Temp 22 degrees Celsius - Again, pretty much as it should be.

All I can think of is that it's the change of environment. I'll keep the light of tonight, see if they settle by tomorrow. There's certainly nothing wrong with the water chemistry or temperature, and O2 levels are unlikely to be low with that big air driven sponge filter bubbling away. On paper, this tank is totally perfect for even Taiwan bee shrimp, and mischlings are supposed to be a tiny bit less sensitive.

Time will tell I guess. My wife will hit the roof if we lose them. She already doesn't trust their tank, even though I have assured her that it really is perfect when it comes to water chemistry etc.

They certainly are pretty shrimp though. Not has high grade as my CRS and CBS were, but these will be far more fun having the Taiwan bee genes. All been well after a month or two I'll start adding a couple of TBs here, a couple of different ones there, until I have a nice mix. Then the fun can really start seeing what turns up amongst any offspring. lol Keeping my fingers firmly crossed.
 #3263  by AdeDunn
 18 May 2017 13:10
Good news, they've settled down today and are behaving normally, must have just been checking out their new digs. :wink: They even ate a tiny bit of GlasGarten herbal mix 1 + fruit I popped in for them last night (as in I put a tiny bit in, and they've eaten nearly all of it).

The snow/golden bee still looks VERY pinky red, very pretty shrimp. I can't seem to get a pic that shows it very well though, might have to try my SLR again.

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 #3266  by odin
 18 May 2017 19:39
No such thing as too many photos! :cool: I'm glad they have settled in, the first 24 hours is the real scary bit when you have them delivered and over 5 days or so and you know your are in the clear. Thanks for the photos!
 #3289  by odin
 22 May 2017 21:59
They are some really nice shrimp, one day id like a tank with bees but i just don't have the space at the moment.
 #3290  by AdeDunn
 22 May 2017 22:23
Yeah, they're "lower grade" than my previous ones, but they're still lovely. These are "mischlings" or f1s, so hybrids between normal bee shrimp and taiwan bee shrimp. A fair bit cheaper but still really nice shrimp, and hardier too. There's a very very small chance of them throwing Taiwan bees too, which increases if you cross them with true TBs. Hopefully one day I'll pop a few true TBs in with them, see what I get. :wink: I'm using these though to "settle in" the tank. It's cycled, mature etc, but after the disaster with the last lot I'm taking no chances on putting more expensive shrimp in there. This is the same size tank as you're using for your baby Opae'Ula by the way, so not that big. The GlasGarten Environment Soil was a tad expensive, but went a lot further than I expected (I still have over half a bag left). Much better bet than trying it with inert substrate though for sure.
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