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 #3588  by AdeDunn
 26 Jul 2017 13:19
Pellet size is different bud. The Dennerle snow pops are tiny little pellets, where the no brand stuff is huge (cattle feed style..) pellets. Doesn't matter which I fed though, shrimp died every single time. Luckily I have tons of other foods to use. The Dennerle snow pops came in one of those little multi packs they do, and my shrimp don't actually seem to like ANY of the varieties in there, so won't be buying them again. :ow: They don't mind the Crusta Gran or Crusta Gran baby, but they far prefer the various Glas Garten foods I have. They all go absolutely mad for the G-G Mullbery and the G-G Dandelion shrimp snacks pellets. :grin:
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 #4238  by AdeDunn
 06 Jan 2018 12:17
That's the plan bud. :grin: Basically I want to get 2 tanks producing though, that way I can avoid what happened once years ago where I sold off too many and ruined my colony. It never did bounce back.

Few more pics for you. 2 are a couple of blue shrimp I spotted yesterday, the other is the 50 litre once the water had cleared (they'll be in the next post, as for some reason I can only attach pics using my phone, I get a HTTP error when I try from my browser).