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 #1493  by fredanddino
Hello everyone,
I´m new here and very happy, that I have found this Website! :-) I am from Austria, so excuse any misspelling.

I feed my opae ula the following ( in descending order of their favorites):
- the White of a hot-boiled egg (not the yolk, it dispenses in the water)
- banana
- Avocado
- Bonito flakes (that´s pure dried Tuna, you get it in Asia Shops)
as you can see on the photo, I take a chopstick to fix it and to be able to take it out again. it is egg and it is not the peak of Attention. if I find another photo, I will show you.

fish Food:
- spirulina flakes from JBL (does contain only spirulina, no Colors or other artifical addings)
- dried algae (from a organic vegan shop, no additives)
- dennerle crustagran

lip3j0V.jpg (130.28 KiB) Viewed 17642 times

so thats it, if I hope I didn´t forget anything
Kind regards,
 #1494  by odin
Welcome to our forum! They look like very happy Opae ula eating away! How often do you feed them?
 #1498  by fredanddino
thanks for the welcome, Im´glad I found you!

I read at the google site about feeding rice, but they didn´t like it very much. So I thought of other (natural) things, they would enjoy. I also fed a very small piece of frozen fish, but since I don´t eat fish anymore, I have none at home..

I do not feed them regularly, but I guess every week (mostly sunday) they get a share of my breakfast (egg, banana, etc.)
and they get the bought "fish food" also once a week, maybe twice, but a small amount.

but I have algae on the glass, so I guess, I tend to feed to much...

that´s why I do water changes about every month (but I change only 1/12 of the water)

I read what you wrote about water changes. I think, the small amount doesn´t bother them, on the contrary, I often saw berried females days after the water change (maybe coincidence)
I have the tank since 2010, so it seems to work.
 #1499  by odin
The Opae ula shrimp deal with water fluctuations very well so i would never be concerned that water changes are doing them any harm. You cant beat fresh water :smile: . If you keep the Nitrates down with water changes you can feed very regularly.