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 #5064  by QDanT
 08 May 2018 16:35
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at first I thought they were bubbles from the Oydator but they're all dancing and jiggin about
they're microscopicaly small and white
 #5065  by odin
 08 May 2018 16:56


I thought they were Amphipods but I could be wrong, I have them in my tank too and don’t cause any issues. They are attracted to the light when you have them on.

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 #5066  by QDanT
 08 May 2018 17:17
Thanks Odin, the Shrimp are coming on that well I didn't want any Zombie Shrimp eating critters in :what:
I put the Oxydator back in, as warm water holds less oxygen, the room still has a sheet of Aluminium on the window from the Black and White developing days, and the last couple of hot :what: days even with the door and window open have seen the temps pushing 80*F, any more and I'd have been thinking of cooling, few ice cubes in a plastic bag if nowt else