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 #5766  by morbiuz
 14 Nov 2018 03:09
Hi sorry if I'm starting a needless thread, I couldn't find anything from searching.

My question is, has anyone observed any correlation between increased lighting hours with increased fertility?

My experience thus far, and bear in mind none of the below is in any way scientific! :blush:

Current main tank was setup with a 12 hour on/off lighting rotation back in late May and my first berried female was in July which produce about 4-10 larvae. Between July until October I reckon I've seen maybe 5 waves of berried females, and on average 5 larvae per wave give or take.

Since early October I tried leaving my lights on for 24 hours, I've seen about 3 waves of larvae since. The first 2 waves were average, 3-5 larvae each but the current wave is astounding; I gave up counting after 30! I'd like to point out that right before these larvae were released I've only noticed 2-3 berried females and whilst they looked heavily berried it didn't seem exceptionally different from previous times.

So, has anyone noticed or had the same thing happen (larvae boom with increased lighting hours) or is all this just coincidental you reckon?

On a side note, some of my chaeto algae strands have turned white and looks a bit bleached?

What's the consensus, is increased lighting a bad idea? I'm loving the baby boom but I'm worried about algae dying off and throwing my water parameters out of whack. :sad2: such a dilemma...
 #5783  by opae ula related
 14 Nov 2018 17:25
I am with AIS, half the day with light and half without just like it is naturally. i don't think it is correlated and think your tank is more mature.
If the chaeto algae is white then it is dead.
 #5812  by odin
 16 Nov 2018 21:15
We are still learning about this shrimp and the better ways to breed in captivity, don't be afraid to try new things and log your results. :smile: