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 #6090  by Algae In Space
 07 Dec 2018 18:18

So imported the TOM Aqua Lifter Pump from the US. It's a small diaphragm pump which can pump air and water. I wanted to use it as a mini pump in combination with a small glass tube filled with filter floss as a dead silent mini skimmer. I opened it up and made a little odor test.


And it smells like


a chemical plant!

There have to be tons of plasticizers in the rubber. Just inhaling once made me dizzy. It cost me a lot to import the pump but I won't us it. The Opaes wouldn't appreciate this at all. My advice: do not use this pump for Opaes as the phthalates will ooze out into the water over time.
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 #6095  by odin
 08 Dec 2018 10:35
Thanks for the heads up, its a damn shame though :(