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 #6772  by zlatan2601
 15 Feb 2019 13:21
Algae In Space wrote: 14 Feb 2019 14:21 Well I wouldn't worry too much about the cork or wood. There are in fact habitats on Hawaii (maybe OURelated can tell you more on that topic?) which have a fair amount of foliage in them! I clearly saw it on a video somewhere.

You could choose a deco made out of resin like these:
Yeah I was thinking for such a resin rock, but i am afraid that the quality isn't great and that all my shrimps will die. Are you sure it is safe to use? With the paint and the plastic naps? Or how can we ever be sure?
 #6774  by Algae In Space
 15 Feb 2019 15:59
zlatan2601 wrote: 15 Feb 2019 13:21 Or how can we ever be sure?

It's a good question. Ask the seller which material it is made of! That should do the trick.

By the way: yesterday I was at the local pet shrimp store and saw "floating lava rocks". I had a closer look at them and they look pretty cool. The owner told me that they don't know if they will sink eventually but they had one floating for 3 months.
 #6776  by zlatan2601
 15 Feb 2019 16:31
Yeah, but good enough for gold fish doesnt mean good enough for opae ula. One seller stated: suitable for aquarium and "the color remains a long time". But this would mean it would come off over time, meaning dead opae ula... :/

And 3 months is a short period for an opae ula tank😅. Or we would end up with a tank full of rocks, or we would need to take it out after it sunk -> stress for the opae....
 #6777  by Algae In Space
 15 Feb 2019 18:23
Well if you ask me I am very careful myself I wouldn't do it. But that's just my way. I guess I can't help you any further in this case.
About the stress: My Opae actually enjoy a little action now and then. When I put something new in they are always very curious.
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 #6784  by odin
 16 Feb 2019 12:22
I would give the pumice a try, in the shrimp hobby keepers stay away from particular rock incase it buffers the waters PH too much, they drop vinegar on the rock and if it fizz’s they won’t use it as this is showing the reaction to the acidic substance. How ever this is perfect for Opae ula tanks so if it’s non reactive or not it won’t cause us issues.

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 #6789  by zlatan2601
 16 Feb 2019 17:13
I will give it a try in a separate tank with some opae, but they first need to breed or i kill my whole population. In case someone else would try it sooner, please share your experience with it!:)