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 #8323  by xaviee
 25 Aug 2019 18:25
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Hi, im a new tank owner from Singapore who happened to stumble onto this useful site! I attempted to setup my small tank which algae has started to grow all thanks to the instructions here (haven't put in my shrimps though). Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrite levels are good. But havnt did any water change.

I understand that for water topups (due to evaporation) i can directly top up with RO water. But if i would like to add good bacteria and minerals in the RO water, is it recommended? And which products do you suggest?
 #8324  by odin
 25 Aug 2019 20:21
Welcome to our Opae ula forum! I’m glad you are finding it useful, I wouldn’t add anything to your tank at all. When evaporation occurs just top up with pure RO Water.

If you really must add anything to your tank for a helping hand I can only advise you to use prodibio biodigest as I use this from time to time and have had no bad effects.

Let us all know how you get along.

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 #8329  by odin
 26 Aug 2019 06:51
xaviee wrote:Okay, Thanks will go purchase it to try it out. My tank its quite small so is it okay to dose the entire vial?
Yes a whole vial is fine, I have used full vials in my 2 litre tanks.

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 #8384  by xaviee
 01 Sep 2019 03:53
I ordered a bottle of spirulina , do you know how to gauge how much to feed the shrimps? I have a total of 10 shrimps and quite alot of snails (from an old tank). I tried to put abit of RO water then drip a drop of spirulina into the tank, some of it still stays on top though. Wondered how to gauge if the feeding frequency and amount is enough.
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 #8386  by odin
 01 Sep 2019 19:58
Do you have any cocktail sticks?
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Just dip the very tip into the food and swirl it around in the tank.

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