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 #8915  by odin
 29 Feb 2020 19:34
Saddled is “ A shrimp is saddled when you see small dots right behind her head. It is called a saddle because it looks like a saddle on a horse. The eggs are unfertilized at this point and she is getting ready to breed.”

This explanation is from www.plantedtank.net.

They don’t always become berried when you see a saddle as it depends on other factors in your tank, but you never know!

Yup the macro algae I grow is the brackish type. :smile:
 #8917  by Vorteil
 29 Feb 2020 21:09
Everyone want something "green" in their tanks. Unfortunately there's very little out there that survives and thrives in the brackish water. I doubt the pelia moss will survive. Test it for some time by itself. I could be wrong. I see it for sale in the FW shrimp community.
 #8926  by Owlbit
 01 Mar 2020 21:19
Jeroen wrote:Well that’s the idea as I like a little bit more green in the tank, and this was also present in the tank of the supplier.
I think it’s called pellia moss.
Of course i’m not going to dump it in, but I plan to attach it to Black Sea Fan or a rock or so.
I was wondering if anybody has experience with this moss type
I haven't tried this particular type of ...liverwort or moss... but I have tried subwassertang and although it lasted maybe 2 months in my tank, it did eventually disappear. So I assume it died at some stage. I have also experimented with other plants that are mentioned to be able to tolerate brackish conditions, but they all end up the same. Salinity too high for fw or low salinity plants, but too low for saltwater macroalgae. So much sadness. lol Best to hope for a beautiful green garden of algae.
 #8927  by Jeroen
 01 Mar 2020 21:51
Thanks for the clear explanation!! Let’s hope for the best!! Would love to be able to create more Opae Ula tanks!
They came with enough water to put in my tank (after filtration) so the water quality is identical as with the previous owner. They also have plenty hiding space so fingers crossed!

For the moss, i’ll Enjoy it as is for now and let’s see if I introduce it in the tank later...or if it dies...

For now they seem to be a little bit shy. In the morning I can’t see any of the shrimp. Later during the day I see 5 or so and they sometimes swim around in the evening. Most of the time they hide away, but I think this is their normal behavior? They are with 11 and they have ca. 2.5 liter of water, but there’s also that layer of lava rock that the like....
For me it’s fine, as long as I see them sometimes and they feel happy. Although I prefer to see them a little bit more later on .
 #8932  by Owlbit
 03 Mar 2020 19:26
If they are new to the tank, it will take some time for them to settle in. They will usually be paler than normal, and may do some quick snappy movements if they aren't hiding. Once they feel safer, they will color up and graze. A new tank will require more time for them to adjust, so just give them a little time as long as they aren't exhibiting any troubling behaviors. I have no idea how many shrimps I have, but I am guessing a portion of them is hiding at any given time. When I disturb inside the tank, it is like the cockroaches coming out of every crack and hole.
 #8936  by odin
 03 Mar 2020 21:11
I always found the more shrimp you have in the tank the more confident they are. Give it a few weeks and see if they red up some more, if not then test your water parameters as somthing may be slightly off.
 #8959  by Jeroen
 05 Mar 2020 16:39
I’m I think everything is going fine with the shrimps. They like to hide between the stones, but they also show up more and more. I think it’s just a matter of time. Today I saw one shrimp in the coral, just doing its thing the whole day so far. Made some pictures of them in close-up. They seem very healthy to me.

@ Odin do you have a picture of your microalgae? For what price do you sell this including shipment within the UK? You can also send me a personal message if you prefer.
IMG-20200305-WA0004.jpg (76.98 KiB) Viewed 7729 times
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 #8960  by Jeroen
 05 Mar 2020 17:22
Quick update.... Now I know why that one shrimp was there the whole day!!
IMG-20200305-WA0013.jpg (80.28 KiB) Viewed 7728 times
IMG-20200305-WA0008.jpg (67.32 KiB) Viewed 7728 times
 #8962  by odin
 06 Mar 2020 22:40
Jeroen wrote:
@ Odin do you have a picture of your microalgae? For what price do you sell this including shipment within the UK? You can also send me a personal message if you prefer.
I sell it for £5 plus shipping which is around £2 or £3 from what I recall. I will put some up for sale on eBay soon as I’ve grown alot more.
 #9003  by Jeroen
 27 Mar 2020 20:46
Odin, sorry for my late response, but of course my trip to the UK was cancelled due to the Corona crisis. Need to see when i will be able to travel to the UK again....think oversea transport is not very
reliable at the moment and probably quite expensive