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 #6712  by zlatan2601
 02 Feb 2019 17:20
How do opae handle floating objects? For esthetic effect i am thinking on adding a floating tube to my tank. Good idea or will this cause unnecessary stress?

I was thinking to add this tube (filled with something) :
IMG_20190202_182012.jpg (695.15 KiB) Viewed 3411 times
 #6716  by zlatan2601
 02 Feb 2019 22:09
Haha, if the bottom is heavy and there is enough air in it, it will float and it can be beautiful I think. And it can work like the densimeter indeed :laugh: but that won't be easy to produce a working one.

Actually, isn't anyone keeping the densimeter in the tank all the time? Easy because it also measures temperature... Or is it risky to break it?

FYI: I was thinking about a colored liquid or some kind of plant in the tube... Maybe a small ship or a message in a bottle? :laugh: so many options...
 #6724  by zlatan2601
 03 Feb 2019 08:42
Between your opae tanks? Sounds cool, but if something goes wrong your both tanks will be polluted...
 #6730  by opae ula related
 04 Feb 2019 02:34
Algae In Space wrote:Sounds nice! I once broke a densimeter. They are not very robust.

I would love to have a water bridge between two tanks one day like this

Cool way to experiment water conditions. Imagine one tank has lower temps and the other warmer temps to see which they prefer or hang out more.