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 #7936  by SPELLBOUND
 10 Jul 2019 18:52
Hi everyone, its been a few months now since I've had my Opae Ula in my 90 litre set up. All shrimp doing well and swimming around happily. Still not fed them. However my water has turned green. Shrimp seem happy about it but looks unsightly for me.
 #7937  by SPELLBOUND
 10 Jul 2019 18:55
This is how green it is
15627812989631081154425.jpg (534.64 KiB) Viewed 2815 times
156278126253423628805.jpg (508.7 KiB) Viewed 2815 times
 #7938  by odin
 10 Jul 2019 19:28
How much light does the tank get?

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 #7944  by Algae In Space
 10 Jul 2019 21:12
Well I know something that will get rid of that fast:




But it is also wise to make sure why you have this situation so it won't return.
 #7945  by odin
 10 Jul 2019 22:13
Are you in the UK? If so try some prodibio biodigest, might help.

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 #7953  by Vorteil
 11 Jul 2019 17:13
Clean the front glass to see how green it actually is. While there's been some suggestions on how to clear the tank you still really need to find the cause of the green water. There's just too much nutrients in there feeding the algae. Something has been feeding it. If it were me I would do a major water change probably 25% -50%. Wait a week and see how it goes. Then do another water change. The tank is established so I believe it won't hurt. Was everything new & clean when you originally set up the tank especially the gravel.