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 #8011  by opae ula related
 18 Jul 2019 05:25
Vorteil wrote:It happens. You never know why. Just don't overthink what the cause may be and jump to conclusions on what to do. You never know the age. Overall I myself have only seen a handful of deaths.
Yup, exactly.
 #8086  by opae ula related
 25 Jul 2019 05:49
opae ula related wrote:
Vorteil wrote:@opae ula related
Wow I see a few berried females roaming around. Nice algae growth you have going. I rarely see mine. When I used to feed spirulina all the opae would come out and I could see the berried ones. Since I don't feed anymore I don't see them since they seem to be in the lava rocks.
That video was late last yr. The algae on the rock is now gone since I poured boiling water in it to get rid of BBA. That maiden’s hair was the original ones in the video but I threw those out because BBA got mixed into it. Maybe The tank doesn’t have enough hiding spots but never noticed berried ones hide.

The video of lazy post larvae shows the algae on the rock all gone :(
If you notice the rock has white areas due to hydrogen peroxide cleaning of the rock.
Fyi, Algae coming back and covering it where it use to be white. : )
 #8201  by opae ula related
 09 Aug 2019 01:25
Vorteil wrote:Any updates on you Opae Ula or ML?
Came back from Yosemite so getting back to the groove... Nothing much, waiting for ML to get berried again. Did notice a mussel moved in one tank, wish I can record that.
 #8204  by odin
 09 Aug 2019 06:30
Set up a camera with motion detection lol.

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 #8299  by opae ula related
 22 Aug 2019 17:29
Algae In Space wrote:
opae ula related wrote: 22 Aug 2019 06:29 Just a note that the Alpha is berried again. No luck catching her though.

You and your Alpha catching attempts :smile: It will happen one day!
I did before ha.
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