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 #8658  by JoeG
 01 Dec 2019 17:16
I received my 33 shrimp December 1, 2017! It’s hard to believe that I’ve already had them for two years. There was one shrimp fatality a couple weeks after I received them but I haven’t noticed any since. The tank is 5 gallons and it has only had 1 small partial water change about a month ago when I added too much spirulina by accident. I have only fed the shrimp about a dozen times or so over the past two years. I saw the first berried shrimp July 2019, after 1 year, 7 months, and 19 days. This resulted in 15 floaters and in September we had another batch of 35 floaters. Currently I have one berried female with lots of eggs, and another with only 3. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with these guys and get great pleasure when a new berried shrimp is spotted or a bunch of floaters appear. By my calculations if we haven’t lost any of the shrimp we are up to 82 and still only see about twenty at any time. Still lots of room to grow. :tongue:
 #8660  by JoeG
 01 Dec 2019 19:10
No, just someone who keeps records of his shrimp. They are pretty fascinating. :grin:

Can you tell me how to post pictures? I tried and they came out sideways and upside down. They look right in my photos but when I attach them they turn.
 #8664  by odin
 07 Dec 2019 18:36
You can rotate themin windows paint or photo viewer, if you get stuck you can just upload them here wrong and i can rotate them for you :wink: I am glad you have had success with breeding the opae ula, i dont think i will ever give up breeding and selling these shrimp!
 #8666  by JoeG
 08 Dec 2019 01:38
Odin thanks for getting back to me about posting photos. I’m using an iPad so I’m not sure how to rotate the photos. In my photo album they all look the right side up :sad:
(Thanks for fixing them :grin: )

Just a couple of photos of my tank and one of the 35 floaters I had last month. This month there are three floaters and one berried female with a ton of eggs!
E5A9F2F0-A4C7-4002-BCC0-661C9BCCAD2D.jpeg (906.59 KiB) Viewed 4 times
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