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 #8780  by Opae157
 23 Jan 2020 04:07
Hi guys am thinking of adding a filter to my opae ula tank and would like some input.
- would the opaes be frightened of the filer and water flow and go into hiding?
- if no what type do you guys use.
- maybe starting an new tank 30cm by 30 cm by 7cm hahaha
- may want to try out filter set up
 #8781  by opae ula related
 23 Jan 2020 04:23
You can do whatever with your tank but a filter is not necessary.
 #8786  by odin
 24 Jan 2020 16:04
- would the opaes be frightened of the filer and water flow and go into hiding? - If it is too strong yes they will hide.
- if no what type do you guys use. - id advise a normal sponge filter that is air pump driven if you really want to use a filter... like this style:

filter.jpg (19.09 KiB) Viewed 2360 times

As @opae ula related stated, they really are not needed.
 #8803  by Opae157
 31 Jan 2020 00:29
@odin, alright will do but will the air pump disrupt the water too much and increase water flow too much?
 #8804  by Vorteil
 31 Jan 2020 03:15
In my opinion it would disrupt the water flow. I do have a two of my 10 gallons tanks that currently have 2 sponge filters in there but that was due to getting the tank set up and cycled. Algae is already showing so I will remove both soon.
 #8806  by odin
 31 Jan 2020 10:09
With these sponge filters you can use a valve inline on the pipe and adjust the power of the flow by restricting it he air coming in, you can also have the outlet at the top of the filter above the water level so it just trickles back into your tank.

Give it a try and if the shrimp hide and don’t breed ever you will have your answer. :happy:
 #8809  by Vorteil
 31 Jan 2020 16:53
Because of the way we raise the opae the water stays clean & clear. If we were feeding all the time with a high protein diet then a filter would be required. All of this is really not needed. Think about the environment that the baby opae are living in. I believe the stay in the lava tubes where it's cooler and very little water movement. I've been very successful with no filter or air and my opae are breeding every week.

I think I will leave one of my tanks with a sponge filter in it to see how it does.
 #8813  by Owlbit
 02 Feb 2020 19:44
I had a sponge filter on my 2.5g when I first set it up, but removed it. I came from the mindset that tanks needed the best filters and blah blah blah so it felt alien to not have a filter on my tank. I found that in my case, the small filter could only be turned down so low and it still made annoying bubbling sounds and saltwater creep. The filter is unnecessary. These shrimps have a low bioload (even with a nerite snail) and as long as you aren't over feeding the tank, the water should be clear. My shrimps and snail seem happy and active without a care in their own little world. I have had my shrimps 6 months now.
 #8814  by Opae157
 04 Feb 2020 02:50
ahhh alright. hahah because i had my shrimps over 2 years now and no signs of berried. only once and only 2 larvae. i upgraded to bigger tank and still no berried so thinking what is the issue so getting a even bigger tank hahahah i have 11 opaes