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 #8994  by ccaulfield
Hi gang!

Just finished setting up my first Opae Ula tank, and it ended up costing me $184.24 (~ £156.03)
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I live in Honolulu, where things are a little more expensive than many other places. I also could have searched harder for better deals (price match from Petco.com was a lifesaver!) but in the end I chose convince for some of the items.

Once I get my shrimp, total costs will be ~ $221.74 (£187.79)

Here's the spreadsheet that I started a couple months ago to plan out all my purchases. I then updated it every time I bought something:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

This tank is entirely from scratch, everything down to the Tupperware for the extra substrate, the toothpicks I'll use for the spirulina and even the ruler are new! (don't judge me I'm really minimalistic and didn't have any extra stuff lying around haha. In fact all the extra substrate and distilled water in the corner of my room is stressing me out)
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It's been cycling for 3 weeks now. No sign on algae growth yet and I'm anxiously waiting to add shrimp friends (especially now that I work from home and stare at this empty tank all day!)

I'd love to hear your feedback on the set up!

In retrospect I wish I'd have done two things differently:
1) Purchased a slightly shorter light. The light is 40 cm and tank is about 30cm tall. 10cm difference looks awkward.
2) Realized that the acrylic disk I'm using as a lid was tinted blue. Might order a clear one in a few weeks. It's not a big deal but doesn't make it all look super seamless.

Will update when shrimp friends arrive home! Can't wait to watch them explore the caves and valleys of the lava rocks!
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 #8995  by odin
Wow what a great topic, thanks for sharing all of this! If you remove the lid you will get algae growing a lot faster :happy:

I really like this tank and the shrimp will love the lava rock, it’s the way forwards with these guys! Keep us updated on the tank.
 #9008  by Vorteil
So here's the costs to build m y jars & tanks.Everything was purchased from the following:
Home Depot

10 Gallon full set up $53[/b]
10 Gallon tank $10
Glass top $10
Aragonite sand $5
Lava rocks $7
10 gallons water $3(.30 per gallon)
Instant Ocean salt $7
12" Aquaneat LED light $11(eBay)
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Quart Jar $24.80
Quart jar $6
Water .30
Lave rocks $7
Instant ocean $7
Black sea fan $4.50

Half Gallon Jar $22.30
Half gallon jar $8
Water .30
Lave rocks $7
Instant ocean $7
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