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 #9096  by Kivyee
Hey everyone,
Started my Opae ula journey approximately a year ago now - they are in a 5 gallon with a matten style filter and the jetlift at a very low flow. I have some marimo moss that's been in there since the beginning. They are doing pretty well now and seem to have adapter to the brackish environment (15 PPT). I have 3 nerite snails and a bunch of Malaysia trumpet snails in there, all adapted from fresh water. The MTS needs to be culled ever so often...I don't want them eating up all the algae :smile:
I've only done top ups w distilled water - no water changes since the tank started. I feed rarely, once every two weeks or so, if that. I put a small piece of freshwater shrimp food in there, or feed them snail jelly that I make from spinach, Spirulina and calcium tablets.
About 6 months ago I had my first berried shrimp - there's since been 4 batches of larvae in the tank :). Future plans include transferring my berried amano shrimp into this tank and seeing if I can get the larvae to survive. I tried once w full strength sea water but unfortunately lost the batch when I had to go out of town and couldn't keep up w the feeding.

Here are the pictures of my Opae ula tank.
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 #9110  by odin
Welcome to the forum! I can see why you are getting berried shrimp in your tank, like OUR has said there are lots of hiding spots for them and they must feel right at home.
 #9115  by Kivyee
Thanks, yeah I didn't realize how many spots to hide there are in the crushed coral - I made the mistake of moving some things around and moved the crushed coral around - I suspect I probably lost a few opae ula to that :(.

On a slightly different topic, I'm still looking for a good source of the black sea fan corals - so far all the ones I've seen are very expensive...Anyone has any good sources in North America?
 #9116  by odin
I purchase one from etsy so it’s worth looking on there, if not you can buy very natural looking plastic ones online.

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 #9131  by Kivyee
That's not bad! The ones online I've found are more like $30+ a piece - though they are likely larger pieces. Would be very happy with a $8.50 one! :grinning:
 #9149  by Kivyee
I'm not really super concerned about maintaining the filter since it's such low flow anyway. Just an additional place for bacteria to "nest" so to speak :)