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 #7208  by potion123456
Hey guys, my newly set up tank of about 1month is facing some problem. Im not sure what this algae is, but i think it's blackbeard algae. It wasn't so bad few weeks ago but now it has suddenly grown crazily. I only fed a pinch of spirulina over it's whole course and lights on for about 6 hours daily.

Anyone can help me identify the issue?
The ammonia is 0, nitrite is 0, ph is about 8.

Temperature is constantly around 26 - 27c as I stay in Singapore.

The water parameters seem fine which is quite puzzling for me.

Does anyone have any recommendation on how to get rid of them as well?

Thank you!

First attached photo is the current (bad) state and second one is from 2 weeks ago.ImageImage

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 #7212  by Vorteil
That is pretty bad. If it were me I would break the whole tank down and start all over. Even if you boil the rocks and sand there still may be dead particles of the algae left over. There's too many issues with this tank to try and overcome. Easier to start all over.

Clear the whole tank out and wash it thoroughly.
Add new clean sand and rock
New water
Remove the sponge filter/air. Not required and may cause too much water movement in the tank
Remove the marimo balls
 #7241  by Algae In Space
No! It does no harm whatsoever!

You could start with two ceramic catalyst stones. I use just one.

I once corresponded with Soechting and he told me it virtually makes no difference in that regards if one uses more or a stronger %.
 #7243  by opae ula related
yup that is bba. I also have it and thought it looks cool until they spread everywhere. I think best is Vorteil's suggestion but try the sochtung oxydator and let us know the results. I am in the same situation but I manually removed it all but not completely and it doesn't grow as fast as yours.