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 #8477  by Owlbit
 06 Oct 2019 00:24
I found this tiny thing swimming around near the surface in jerking motions. It folds its tail and propels itself forward. You can see in one of the pictures that he has his tail folded. I took him out since I am not sure if he is harmful or not.
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 #8478  by odin
 06 Oct 2019 08:12
Wow I’ve not seen one of those before, I’m sure one of our other members will know what it is though!

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 #8484  by Vorteil
 09 Oct 2019 19:31
It's a scud aka gammarus shrimp. There's both freshwater & saltwater scuds. Great live food for shrimp. I have tons of those in my freshwater shrimp tanks. They feed on detritus and dead vegetation. I made the huge mistake recently of using a turkey baster for both brackish and freshwater shrimp tanks. Some of the scuds transfered to one of my brackish opae tanks. I've probably removed at least 70+ from the tank. I think I got most out. I remove a few everyday. These got out of control in my FW tanks. At one time I probably had easily over 2000+ in my 10 gallon tank. I was feeding them to some fish but no longer have the fish. Population got out of control. Now I'm trying to get them all out but I doubt I can.
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