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 #10141  by OlaeNoob
Hello.. I am very new to shrimp. I am from Singapore

May I know what type of water to mix with salt for starting the tank ? Distilled water or RO water ? or tap water with decholrinator ?

I read that distilled water is too pure and contain no minerals so maybe not as recommended ?

Please help me.. thanks
 #10145  by odin
Yup as said above. RO or Distilled is what to use. :)

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 #10200  by Opaelover
OlaeNoob wrote:Can I wash the substrate in tap water before putting into tank?

And final wash in distilled water ? Or everything have to be done in distilled water ?
if you wash them in tap water, it is better to dose some anti chlorine.

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 #10201  by Chaiwatuk
Hi. I have just set up my tank today with RO water etc and added marine salt (175g to 10.1 litre).

Now I want to start the nitrogen cycle. I read a few blogs and they suggest that I dropped some shrimp / fish food to kick start ammonium. Is that wise?

I was planning to buy some pure spirulina powder as future shrimp food anyway, can I just use that? How much should I dose the water for 10 litre water?

Many thanks!

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 #10202  by odin
Welcome! @Chaiwatuk I would just let the water sit for a good month and test the parameters for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
 #10207  by Kivyee
Yeah, generally if you leave the tank filled, under light, when the algae starts growing it's ready for Opae Ula. If you are putting a lot of them in a small tank then I would worry a bit more about cycling the tank with food before hand.