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 #10365  by robbyd
Hi all! I’ve recently started a tank (first time) and today marks 2 weeks for the cycling process. I’m confused because there seems to be zero change at all in my tank. Am I supposed to be feeding fish food or something to it or literally just let it be?

I have a small chaetomorpha cluster and I just ordered a moss ball. I keep the light on for 12+ hours in a day and there just doesn’t seem to be any algae formation whatsoever. Just looking to speed up the process and make sure I’m doing it the right way and not wasting my time. Appreciate any help I could get. Thank you in advance!
 #10366  by Kuhli new to opae
Water and light only will have no ammonia sources for beneficial bacteria and algae to eat. You might consider adding some fish food pellets or acclimating some Malaysian trumpet snail into the tank. Remember that your ammonia source should not be too much or it will lead to an ammonia spike. Good luck,