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 #10518  by Darkskies

I have set up a 2 gallon glass jar tank for opae ula. I put in the opae ula today but 20 minutes later noticed there was a small dead one on top of the lava rock.

I used tongs to try to remove it, made sure that it actually was dead (which it was) but unfortunately, I dropped the shrimp and it fell into a crevice between the lava rock. It’s going to be nearly impossible to remove it now without tearing everything up.

Will leaving it to decompose cause my setup to crash or be unsuccessful? I hope not! I was thinking about getting some Malaysian trumpet snails as a clean-up crew too.

Appreciate any advice.
 #10521  by odin
Sorry for the late reply, I wouldn’t worry too much, obviously check water parameters often just to be sure.