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 #10551  by oxudercine
Hello, I'm really interested in adding some Halocaridina rubra to one of my preexisting brackish setups.
It's an 180litre currently stocked with 1x Poecilia salvatoris male, 3x Poecilia sphenops males, 7x Poecilia reticulata males, 6x Oryzias latipes, 1x Oryzias dracena, and some Palaemon varians, neritina sp., and faunus ater, planted with vallisneria gigantea and rhizophora mangle.

Would the shrimps be compatible with this livestock (especially the fishes) or would they risk being eaten? Thank you
 #10553  by odin
I wouldn’t risk it.

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 #10558  by Vorteil
No completely incompatible. These shrimp will try to hide and get away. Shrimp such as these should never be kept with fish. I even at one point tried to keep Metabetaeus Lohena aka Alpha Opae Ula in a tank with wild western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis). The tank had around 60 ML with 8 small mosquito fish. The shrimp hid among the lava rocks and never came out.
 #10559  by opae ula related
I know of someone who kept P. Cyanodorsalis with Opae Ula successfully. Shrimp are not hiding.