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odin wrote: 31 Oct 2017 09:22 Looks very practical, I wasn’t aware they ate their young as rampant as that.. I thought I’d at least see some the next day or there abouts lol.

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They love to eat anything that moves. One time I did a test by dropping shrimp food pellets in the tank. No immediate reaction. I then dropped in live baby brine shrimp...immediate feeding frenzy :lol:
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opae ula related wrote: 31 Oct 2017 17:00 Nice! What is your way of capturing the berried mom?
Catching them from the main tank is the most painful part. They can “teleport” real quick in the blink of a eye. Earlier I used to removed all my tank decor and used 2 small nets to catch the mama. But lately I realized that as the berried alpha gets more advance in the pregnancy, they like to hide in my coral rock that has crevasses. I now slowly lift that coral rock with them clinging on it into the breeding tank. Once I do so they swim out and it’s easier to catch them there and place them in the smaller breeder box
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opae ula related wrote: 31 Oct 2017 17:01 I ask if you live the ocean is to actually use ocean water for the larvae. Maybe an aquarium store can supply you ocean water? Just a thought
Yup, I have experimented with real seawater too as I have a seafood supplier friend who gets his water from the sea to keep his live prawns and lobsters. The larvae still die as quickly, so I really think they are starving. I have tried 1.010, 1.014, 1.018, 1.020, 1.026 and 1.030 salinity. . All die in about a week.
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