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 #4642  by odin
Welcome to our forum @theelix1 , what exactly do you need help with?
 #4684  by Halocaridina
I just got back to the aquarium. The combination of the cyano treatment and the gravel vacuum seems to have cut down the cyano hugely. Now all that is left of that is a few small dots around the tank, which I will try to remove with a second, smaller gravel vac. There is also some debris (assuming it's dead cyano) that I will try to remove at the same time.

The shrimp and snails seem to be active and happy. The water is clear, and there is very little diatom growth.

Although the chaeto is doing well, I think I will add a small marimo moss ball to increase nutrient uptake and thus prevent any further algae growth.
 #4852  by Halocaridina
Here are some images from a few weeks ago that I forgot to post. I did vacuum the tank after that so the substrate is thankfully a lot cleaner now.

 #4853  by odin
That looks a lot better and you seemed to of turned a corner with it. :happy:
 #4955  by Halocaridina
The chaeto seems to not be growing so fast and actually seems to have retreated somewhat. There is not much dead plant material so it is probably either lack of nutrients or possibly the snails eating it. I will do some water tests soon. Diatoms are mostly gone now except towards the back of the tank where the snails can't get, and very little cyano left. The hair algae is almost completely gone too. There are small specks of red algae hanging off the surface but the surface is mostly clear too. Maybe the snails are getting hungry? I have noticed them hanging around among the chaeto a lot recently.

I have fed the tank a few times and something (snails or shrimp or both) does seem to eat the food, but I still haven't observed feeding myself. I will be leaving the tank alone on Friday until the second week of June, but I might add some more hair algae from a tub before I do just so they have something to eat.
 #4980  by odin
Halocaridina wrote:Image
Lovely red shrimp! :lol: :grin2: :happy:
 #5253  by Halocaridina
Hair algae has grown a lot. A lot is growing out of the netting at the back as well as in various corners. There also appears to be some sort of tiny furry algae growing off the rock, it might be the early stages of hair algae or something else. Snails don't seem to be interested in it. It looks like freshwater blanketweed so I'll see whether raising the salinity a little helps.

There are 6 or 7 nauplii swimming around too, so I assume one shrimp bred.
 #5254  by odin
What is the purpose of the netting?
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