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 #8623  by satosakashimoto
Hi, Ash here from Malaysia. I started having Opae Ula a little more than a year ago. Bought it from a seller/breeder here who usually open a booth at various bazaar and never really saw anyone else selling any. Most of the shrimps from this seller is the clear, pink, fade red ones. Anyone know any other seller/breeder in Malaysia? Or outside of Malaysia that is able to ship to Malaysia? I’m also considering Singapore and Thailand sellers that are able to bring it in maybe by land if by air is not possible. Planning to buy quite a number and I’m looking for more of the bright or deep red ones. Thank you!
 #8802  by faridzr
Hi Ash, I have been looking for other sellers too but havent found any yet. The regular guy i go to is Ray from the Shrimp Thing. Waiting for him to set up his booth may take a while so perhaps it be better to contact him via phone or their facebook/instagram account
 #8807  by odin
If you really struggle, I know they are hated but you could buy one of these horrid glass eco spheres and break the poor shrimp out and set up a good tank for them. Expensive but at least you can get going if you don’t have any breeders in your country.
 #9177  by Dines K
hi guys, i have seen some online wholesellers but maybe we just need to be able to order lots.
Let me know if interested, maybe we can share.
I have a 2 tanks of them, bought just 7 initially in bazaar 3yrs back.
Now i have about 30 with me and give away another 20.
 #9178  by odin
Sounds good, I’m sure someone will take you up on that offer.

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 #9277  by odin
moriker wrote:@dines k do they ship to sg?
Try and PM them as they will get an email notification.